Levels of Detail

Depending on your project you may need a specific level of detail with your transcription. You may require a word for word account of everything that is said in the recording or you may wish to focus on specific answers to questions in which case quite often you may wish to remove anything from the recording which is irrelevant to the main point or repetition etc. Whichever level you require we can provide the service you desire. 
Below details the two levels of service we provide:
Relevant Edited Verbatim:


This is the most commonly requested service. So called because certain elements are intelligently removed from a verbatim account if they are deemed to add no meaning to the script or to be irrelevant or to have severe repetition. Elements such as repetition and verbal nods (yes, mm hmm etc.) will be removed.
"I work for a firm call Sanders and Sanders. They are a solicitors as well as an estate agency. I've worked for them since the beginning of last year."
100% Verbatim:
Every cough, stutter and false start is transcribed exactly as said. The transcriber employs punctuation to clarify meaning, but otherwise every word is transcribed exactly as it is said.
"I work... erm, I work for a firm called, erm, Sanders and Sanders. They, they are a solicitors, erm... as well as an estate agency.  I've worked for them since, uh, the beginning of last year. Yes, the beginning of last year."
We can also provide any additional detail information required such as background noise, tone of voice of speakers and many other attributes. For more information, please Request a Quote